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Air Mail is an automated News Alert System. Brief reports are sent to you once a day alerting you to News reports about you, your Clients
or Company... keeping you informed about daily news Broadcasts from around the country or in your local area directly affecting your career.
We now have a pay as you go service that allows you to pay  per hit. This will allow you to have 100+ market coverage tapered to suit your needs, and pocketbook.

Media Report

A list of News Stories that aired about a particular subject. Report includes Date, Time, Channel, and a brief section of notes that allows you to read what the News Stations said about the subject.

Caption Transcript

Transcripts of a News Story that's generated from Captioning text. Document includes Date, Time, Channel, and the Transcript notes.

Manual Transcript

Manually logged Transcript of a News Story. Document includes Date, Time, Channel, and the Transcript notes.

Phone Feed

Audio feed from a News Story played over the phone. 

Television Clips

The available formats are VHS tape, DVD, Emailed video Clips (V-Mail), and Hyperlinks are available.

Radio Clips

The standard format is cassette tape. But CD-R, and Emailed Audio clips are available in certain markets.

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